The label Val d’Azur gets its inspiration from the Côte d’Azur, in the South of France and has been founded during the summer 2010 by Valerie Epple.

Valerie Epple, the founder

Mrs Valerie Epple was born and raised in the south of France and has started to create the label Val d’Azur at Saint-Tropez, where she has a secondary residence. During many years, she has been working for a French female designer, operating in all German-speaking areas on her behalf. Due to a large number of contacts thanks to trade fairs and connections with renowned boutiques, the idea has been generated to develop ones own collection. Thanks to a close contact with the customers, the designer took the decision to get inspired by their ideas and to adapt her collection.

High-quality fabrics

Val d’Azur targets a sophisticated customer base and because of that, the label has decided to put an enormous emphasis on high-quality fabrics and sublime design. Indeed, the label puts emphasis on valuable fabrics and materials, classy accessories put and made by hand. This is a combination between romanticism, sensuality and wearable luxury at the same time. The Val d’Azur swimsuits are made of light Lycra spandex and the beachwear with different qualities.

Our product range mainly targets boutiques, spa hotels and beauty centers.

A luxurious brand

The tops and bikini panties may be combined individually with respect to size and shape. As tribute to the European market, the models look extraordinarily luxurious with gemstones such as pearls, sequins and Swarovski crystals.

The designer aims at creating beach wear that cannot only be worn on the beach, but may also stylishly been integrated into casual wear.

Valérie Epple